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On this page you will find some work samples further below and now following some links to my novel BERLIN WERWOLF, in particular reviews, some clips and interviews.

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Amazon – 15 reviews – average note 4,6

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My publisher, the be.bra Verlag


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YouTube - Pitch Video for Berlin Werwolf Revenge

YouTube – Clip for Berlin Werwolf Blutsbrueder

YouTube - Clip for Berlin Werwolf Revenge

YouTube – Reading BW Blutsbrueder Part 1

YouTube – Reading BW Blutsbrueder Part 2



Work Samples


Following you will find some work samples. Upon request I will be glad to send you further samples like spec scripts or exposés for movies - just use the contact button.



The award winning short film "Über den Wolken" which won the first prize at the Writing Tournament 2005. This task had to be solved within 90 minutes: Build a dialogue between two persons and let one of them reveal a secret. My solution: A dialogue between two window cleaners.

SOON: The illustrator Jürgen Frey is currently producing an animation film based on the story of the two window cleaners Kalle & Ranjid.

--> "Über den Wolken" as a PDF Download

--> "Über den Wolken" as an Ebook


Raoul and Manuel are two heroes of my lunch break in the year 2000. Cool Mexican machos living in Frankfurt, Germany.
In the first short story they are cleaning up an office building in their very special way and in the second short story Raoul is plagued by some strange self conflict, a type of feeling Manuel and his chicas don't know at all.

High Noon in Frankfurt Download

Pamela Anderson in Chiba City Download