Editor-in-chief at filmzine
Editor at sci-fi magazine "Space View", writing as "Mr Hollywood"
 1997-1999 Founder, writer and director of the multimedia company Polaris GbR. Founder of the first German daily soap on the internet: Kleine Welt, TV/radio/print-features, e.g. in: Deutsche Welle, Arte, ORB, MDR, Fritz, 100,6, taz, Stern, TV Today
 1998 Writer and director of the first German teen soap on the internet, the "Stray Kids" (Production by Egmont)
 2001-2002 Treatment and script to "Schatten der Engel" (working title), a 90 minutes sci-fi feature film.
 2002 Script doctoring for "The Captive Lake", a 120 minutes feature film for Major Films. German-British co-production.
 2003 Exposé, outline and treatment to a 3-D animation movie of Pixelspell.
 2004 Script to the short movie "Orakel".
 2005 Exposés to two feature films - a multicultural action comedy and a social drama, each 90 minutes. Scripts to two short movies
First prize for the best dialogue scene at the Writing Tournament during the scriptforum convention in Berlin.
2006 Screenwriter for Hahn Film AG, Berlin.
Writer and Story Developer for Film 'n Video Productions, Wertheim.
Script for the short film "Über den Wolken" based on the award winning dialogue scene from 2005.
2007 Treatment to the 90 minutes thriller "Glas" for Four Eyes Filmproduktion, Berlin.
Extensive concept for an action serial, developed together with my co-writers Ulrich Sackenreuter and Eike Otto.
2008 Head Writer for an international tv animation serial for web concept (concept, treatment, trailer and script).
2009 Treatment and script for the comedy theater piece "Führers Next Eva", together with co-writer Ulrich Sackenreuter.
2010 Exposé to an interactive commercial film for Argonauten/Berlin.

SEO articles for aexea agency in Stuttgart.


My novel BERLIN WERWOLF - BLUTSBRÜDER is being published by be.bra Verlag, Berlin.



Just in time for the Leipzig Book Fair, the second book of the novel is being released: BERLIN WERWOLF - REVENGE.

The first book of the serial "U-Bahn Cops" has been released, together with my co-writer Ulrich Sackenreuter: "Das tote Zimmermädchen vom Bahnhof Zoo".


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